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About Our Dental Lasers

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (LASERS) is an exciting technology that has helped transform how we perform everyday dental procedures. There are many different types of laser available with different indications for use. After thorough research, the laser we decided to utilize in our everyday practice is an 810nm diode laser. The diode utilizes an invisible non-ionizing thermal radiation that DOES NOT promote changes in the cellular DNA. This particular laser is intended to be used in oral soft tissue surgery to include: apthous ulcers, biopsy, fibroma removal, frenectomy, herpetic lesions, hemostasis, soft tissue crown lengthening and tissue retraction.

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Due to the precision and effectiveness of dental lasers, anesthesia is typically kept to a minimum. Depending on the procedure there is little to no bleeding, minimal need for sutures, little or no scar formation, bacterial reduction and a decreased post-operative discomfort. Contact Carothers Family Dental for any cosmetic dentistry in San Marcos Tx.