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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What about “mercury fillings” (amalgam)?
  2. Do you use Nitrous Oxide?
  3. I have dental insurance. Why do they not pay for all my dental care?
  4. Do we file insurance?
  5. What insurance do we accept?
  6. Do we offer payment plans?

What about “mercury fillings” (amalgam)?

Dental amalgam has been successfully used for many years. It is a material that has come under question in recent times because of mercury content. Current research is not demonstrating a health risk with this material and there are times when we feel it is still the restorative material of choice. Other materials have been developed that are constantly being improved. For that reason we often have a choice in the material we use. We will discuss options, along with benefits and disadvantages, with you should you have a problem that requires treatment.

Do you use Nitrous Oxide?

Yes! We do have nitrous oxide in our office, and if anxiety is a concern we can help calm that using an oral sedative or Nitrous Oxide, or both. If we do prescribe this for treatment you will be required to have a driver to and from your appointment.

I have dental insurance. Why do they not pay for all my dental care?

Dental plans are designed to share the cost of your dental care; they do not completely pay for all costs. Dental benefit plans are the result of a contract between the plan sponsor (usually an employer) and the third-party payer (usually an insurance company). The amount your benefit plan pays is determined by negotiated rates between your employer and the insurer. These rates have been determined based on a contract, not your dental needs.

We strive to provide the best dental care for you, as determined by your needs and not your insurance coverage.

Do we file insurance?

We will help you by filing your dental insurance claims. We can only estimate your benefits, based on the information given to us by you and your insurance company.

What insurance do we accept?

We accept traditional dental insurance plans. Click here of insurance carriers we are in network with. It is the patient’s responsibility to know if their insurance can be used in our office

  • Dr. Carothers is “In-Network” with Connection Dental Network, (remove=Blue Cross Blue Shield) and Humana Dental PPO, Cigna PPO (excludes Cigna Advantage Plan).
  • Dr. Sullivan is “In-Network” with (remove =Blue Cross Blue Shield) Humana Dental PPO.

We do NOT belong to any “discount” dental plans like those purchased through your credit union, etc.

It is the patient’s responsibility to get the correct information, prior to any treatment, so we can file their claims correctly. The patient will be responsible to pay any estimated patient portions at the time of service. All uncovered expenses are the patient’s responsibility.

Do we offer payment plans?

We offer payment arrangements for patients who need assistance. We offer “Care Credit”, a healthcare credit card that requires application and approval, with up to 12 months interest free. We can also schedule automatic withdrawals from a credit or debit card, with your approval. For additional information about our payment options, click here.