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What to Expect When Coming for an Appointment

Your First Visit?

You should anticipate being greeted by a friendly staff with a desire to be considerate of you and your time, and to be as helpful as possible, as you seek to maintain or improve your health. We will establish a detailed, confidential record for you. Information needed to create this record will be gathered from you through the new electronic kiosk or patient registration forms.

Electronic Registration Kiosk

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to appointment to complete your confidential and secure registration in the office on our electronic kiosk. You will need to bring identification and proof of insurance.

Patient Registration Forms

These forms are available on this site and you may to complete them at your leisure, in your own home or you may come early to your appointment and complete them in the office. Please arrive about 15 minutes early if you would like to complete them when you arrive. Also, please bring identification and dental insurance information that will be needed. We appreciate dental insurance information being emailed prior to appointment to [email protected].

Services at your first visit:

Your initial visit is a time for us to get to know each other. We will complete a comprehensive examination during which we will evaluate your teeth, your periodontal health, and the health of the rest of your mouth and the surrounding tissue (a screening for oral cancer). Depending on your specific situation, we will make dental radiographs and digital photographs, so that we can be as complete as possible in helping you with your dental health.

Our time will conclude with an explanation of our findings and an opportunity for you to ask questions.