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Young person smiling to show off whitened teeth

Safest Whitening Treatments
Insight from Your Family Dentist in San Marcos TX

Everyone wants to have that perfectly white Hollywood smile, so naturally, the topic of teeth whitening comes up frequently. With…
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Cosmetic Dentistry 101

What is one of the first things you notice about someone you meet? For many people, they notice someone’s smile.…
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Tooth Whitening for a Bright Smile

Watch any Hollywood awards show, and you’ll see celebrities flash their bright smile as they walk the red carpet. Did…
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Implant or Bridge? A guide to deciding how to replace your missing tooth

Missing a tooth?   A toothless smile on a baby is adorable. But on an adult, not so much. If…
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Cosmetic Dentistry: More Than a Beautiful Smile

Should You Consider Cosmetic Dentistry? Maybe you had a perfect set of pearly whites, but time took its toll. A…
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